Do you need a tagline or slogan for your small business?

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Explore the benefits of taglines and slogans for small businesses, and find out if they're essential for your brand. Boost your marketing strategy with these powerful tools.

Almost all major corporate business use slogans and tag-lines in their marketing programs, so should your small business do the same?

In today’s post, we will learn what tag-lines are and how they can help small businesses. You will learn the following:

  1. What is a tagline
  2. Why you need a tagline
  3. How to write your tagline
  4. Where to use a tagline

What is a tagline

A tag-lines is a short, memorable phrase that represent who/what your business is. These short, catchy phrases increase brand recognition and help others understand how you are different.

Tag-lines are often used interchangeably with “slogans” or “mission statements,” however, each one of these elements has a unique purpose.


  • What it is: Short phrase that evokes a memorable associate with your business
  • Example: Nike- “Just Do It”
  • Length: 3-8 words


  • What it is: Short sentence about how/what your business is and how it is different
  • Example: MasterCard- “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
  • Length: 1-2 sentences

Mission statement:

  • What it is: Summary of what your business’ core mission is, how it accomplishes that core mission and to whom it serves
  • Example: Starbucks- “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”
  • Length: 1-3 sentences

Why you need a tag-line for your small business

There’s a reason all the major corporations have mission statements, slogans and tag-lines; they strengthen brands and grow businesses.

Even small businesses can greatly benefit from using these branding techniques. Here are the major benefits to using a tag-line for your business:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase positive associations
  • Improve brand recall

In our world of INFORMATION OVERLOAD, it is crucial to deliver quality information to your customers in less time with minimal effort; a tag-line can help small businesses accomplish this.

“it is crucial to deliver quality information to your customer in less time with minimal effort”

So why don’t more small businesses use them? Well, developing a good brand strategy can be very challenging.

How to create a tagline

If you don’t have a mission statement, slogan, or tag-line for your business, then check out our Brand Bootcamp course.

In this online business fitness class, you will kick your business in the butt and give your brand the tough love it needs.

In just 1 short week you will transform your sad, too-bad business into a winning brand with a real, marketing strategy that you will be proud of.

Where to use a tagline or slogan for your small business

It’s not enough to have a tag-line, you need to actually use it strategically before reaping its branding benefits.


Consider adding a slogan to your header/banner on the home page of your website. Other great places are on your about page and other content sections of your website

Example of tagline used in website header.

Business cards & business publications

Add your headline and slogan to a business card to increase repetition and consistency.

Does your business create flyers, magazines, signs or brochures? Consider adding your tag-line to your printed and digital business publications.

Example of tagline used on business card design. See more in our portfolio
Example business tagline used on signage. See this in our portfolio.

Social media bio’s

Add your tagline and/or mission statement to your social media bio.

Bio’s should be small, condensed summaries of who you are and what you do. Sound familiar? Yea, these bio sections are practically made for your tag-line, slogan and mission statement.

Social Media Banners

Use your online real estate wisely; consider adding your tag-line to highly visible areas on your social media profiles, banners, and accounts.

So, do you need a slogan or tagline for your business? YES.

Tag-lines (like slogans and mission statements) are a key part to managing a successful brand strategy. Help your business grow by creating your own tagline and use it in highly visible areas online and in print.

Last Updated:
April 24, 2023

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